Sunday, September 19, 2010

Modeling Theory and Cultivation Theory

Modeling Theory suggests that we model our behavior after what we hear or see in mediated messages. This can be a good thing if what they are modeling themselves after is a positive role model but it can be bad if it is an unpleasant action or bad role model. This theory can also be negative because if everyone is modeling themselves based on the same thing, there would be nothing unique about us.

Cultivation Theory, developed by George Gerbner, says that television shapes our perception of reality. An example of this theory is if viewers watch a large amount of violence on television, they perceive our world as more dangerous than it really is. This is called the "mean world syndrome". Cultivation Theory tells us that some people watch outrageous shows on television and see them as reality when in fact they aren't even close to our reality. The video below displays how cultivation theory can occur in real life.

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